Appear Now

Appear now,
I cannot wait any longer.
Do your grand entrance;
The spectators have noticed you are late for our first dance.

Appear now,
I am ready to love you
-Not completely ready for what I want you to do in my life-
But ready to love you, indeed.

Appear now,
With messy hair and messy mind.
Be someone I’ve not met yet,
Be someone I’d never meet again.

Appear now,
With stories and history,
Tell me all about it
And be ready for bits and pieces of mine.

Appear now,
With dreams to materialize.
Let me watch you plan and schedule;
Let me watch you fantasize.

Appear now
And swirl with me, wonderfully.
Appear now
And be the one, truthfully.

Appear now,
And love me endlessly,
With caresses and growls,
Swift me of my feet -recklessly.

Appear now,
As a gentle, but saturated ray
We must not waste another day
Simply waiting for our energies to collide.


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