You are Light, You are Laughter

You are light, you are laughter, and these blessings you both will gift to everyone you meet wherever your smart head will take you. You are light, you are laughter, and now I only have a third of you; just a dainty light made up of a few volts, and just a little, quite giggle. And I do, appreciate this beloved portion my light and happiness, but I do miss you, too.

I do miss those oh-so-usual, loud dinners in which we would laugh and laugh, but with love, at the smallest never-ceasing mouth. I do miss the presence of day, and clarity, and fraternity, that you brought upon this unit. I do miss those witty comments the second light bulb would flash whenever inspired. And I do miss the energy the eldest light bulb irradiated throughout the house.

And now, other people are lucky to have you two, light and laughter (names used interchangeably for both). And I repeat that I certainly miss you, but I know that the next time I get see you, you will have grown beautifully and I, will then, feed off of you and grow as well.


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