Scarcity. What an unwanted situation does this term represent. And no, I’m not speaking about scarcity of crops, water, or animals to hunt, like in the pre-Columbian times. Neither am I talking about lack of money or jobs, like in the 2008 crisis. I’m talking about something a little less tangible, but just as essential. 

I’m taking about a drawing in my desk of an empty cardboard box lying under cold rain, that is scarcity. I’m saying that there is a thought in my head that assures me I need to fill up some voids inside, but I never do, that is scarcity. That there is a stifling feeling in my gut every time I try to change something about myself because I’ve got no energy, that is scarcity. I’m addressing the countless lousy, superficial songs all around the world that are screaming about nothing whatsoever, that is scarcity. I’m referring to the broken rope between heaven and earth, to the cause of the immeasurable disconnection between God and I, that is scarcity. 

Maybe it’s not easy to understand; perhaps I’m not being clear. But I believe I am not the only one going through a period of scarcity. I think it’s a global crisis due to lack of values, spirituality, ambition, affection, love, and meaning.  


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