You Should Date an Illiterate Girl Response

This article begins with a man explaining the common life of the average man. Not only he explains his life, including how shallow it can be and how much conformism it contains, but he also recommends it. He explains how you should date a girl that doesn’t read and talk to her about things you both have in common. How you should let the relationship progress unnoticed and suddenly realize that you should marry her because of the time you’ve spent in the relationship; and try not to ever doubt if she actually is the one. How you will suddenly realize that life has dragged you into a situation that you hadn’t planned, but since it’s not so bad, you give up your dreams and accept what came to you. He explains how it can leave a void in your life, but it’s worth it because you don’t experience as much pain and confusion as you would if you actually fight for your dream life, and specifically fight for the love of your life.

And after explaining what would be a “good” life, with a partner that’s also “good”. He goes on into explaining something that is not exactly a comfortable life. My interpretation of this next section of the article is that he dated a girl who reads; which means, a smart girl who has her ambitions clear and knows that settling is not an option. He was with a girl who wanted more than just a shallow relationship, who actually wanted a partner with whom she could talk about deep topics that intrigue her soul. A girl who understands every moment, breath, or word that comes up to her. He was in a relationship with someone who expected nothing less than what she had dreamt about, and someone who would not linger on a relationship that isn’t taking her anywhere.

In that particular section of the article, the mood changes from conformism to regret, lust, and broken hope. You can feel the pain when he implies that the “girl who reads” broke his heart. He describes all of the reasons why it is extremely difficult to date the girl who reads, and you know he learned it by experience. But you also know, or you sense, that he doesn’t really hates the girl who reads, as he said in the closure of the essay, you can tell that he actually loves her more than she loves to read, that he is broken hearted, and that he misses her.

The passion, intelligence and ambition of the literate girl are the characteristics that make her so hard to keep and, therefore, too complicated to be with; but those same characteristics are the reason why a man wants to keep a girl despite the complications that it brings, because the girl who reads, is able to write a fulfilling life for herself and for those surrounding her.

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