The Bucket List

Having free time is great but if you’re doing nothing constructive, it gets boring after a while. So I found eight tips to beat boredom at, and one of them was “pen a list of life goals”, and that was the one tip that really caught my attention. I actually have been wasting a lot of time so writing down goals (for tomorrow, next week, in a couple of years, and before I die) seems helpful for me not to forget to pursue what I want.

1. Try new nail and makeup trends. This is not the most important thing, obviously. But if I want to do it, I better do it when I have plenty of free time, which I do now because of school break.

2. Work on the SAT’s. My mom has been pushing me to do this and I always ignore her, but if I want to have the chance to study in the United States I better start studying. Of course I don’t know if I want to leave my beautiful country, my beloved family, and my fun friends right away, but I do want to have the option of studying in some great university, even if I have to sacrifice other things.

3. Get a job. I’ve been applying to a couple of call centers but I think it’s time for me to realize that I won’t get a job there. Call centers, at least the ones in Guatemala, usually seek for adult employees, and I’m still seventeen. But maybe tomorrow I’ll go to a couple of stores to see if there are any positions available. I want to get a job so I can save money for a trip my friends and I are planning to do for next year, after we graduate.

4. Do art. I have always been into arts, specifically drawing, writing, painting, and doing crafts. I am working on a drawing and, right now, I’m on the process of painting it, so I need to finish that before I start leaving it in the back of my mind, like I usually do. Also I want to make Christmas cards because I could gain some extra money with that. Problem is: now there are not many people who buy Christmas cards, because of internet and everything. But I’ll still make some and see if I can sell them somewhere.

5. Alter my room. My room is plain boring, and currently very messy. So now that I am totally bored, I can entertain myself cleaning it up (just for it to look better) and hang some pictures in my walls, they are white and bare so they could sure use some color and life. I am interested in interior designing but it seems expensive to do some changes because I want to get a rug and a bean bag, but I’ll probably have to wait until Christmas to get some money and buy those things.

6. Work out. I am getting bored of having to do 30 min of bicycling to stay in shape. But I guess that’s the less boring thing for me to do, of course under a budget. Because if it were for me, I’d already be in kick-boxing classes. But I don’t think my parents will sign me up for that. Which reminds me of number 7.

7. Find out if there is a cheap place to learn kick-boxing. I’d really like to practice that sport but most places are expensive.

8. Learn how to drive. I hate to get up the couch and ask my mom to take me out to practice my driving, specially because I know that, with my mom being a nerve wreck, I am destined to get frustrated. But I cannot learn to drive from the couch. I want to get my driver’s licence this vacations so I’ll be pushing my mom and brother, and myself, to go out and drive a while.

9. Research on carriers. I’m still not sure about what I want to do for the rest of my life. It’s a tough decision! I’m in between two and a half main options. Arquitecture and/or interior design, and communications. As I said before I’m interested in interior design, but I also love to write. I have some serious thinking to do about this topic.

So those are my main goals for an early future (for the next two or three months). But now I’ll list some things that I want to do before my life ends, at least the things that I know, now, that I want to do in the future. Because goals are always coming and going so I’m sure I’ll get more.

1. Go to a Nickelback’s concert. I love this band; I love the lyrics, the music, the members (especially the cute drummer, Daniel Adair), the emotion that they give to songs; simply everything! So going to at least one of their concerts is a must. Other bands/artists that I’d love to see, in order of importance are: Maroon 5, Bon Jovi, Britney Spears, Adele, Christina Aguilera, Foo Fighters, Coldplay, Taylor Swift, etc. There is just so much good music out there that I cannot name them all.

2. Go to Italy! It’s always been my dream to visit this country. To see all those beautiful schulptures, the amazing arquitecture, try the delicious Italian food, take loads of pictures, and spend some time away from my world to relax in a completely different one.

3. Have a career and a family. When I finally decide what I want to study, I wish it is something that I enjoy and that brings me true happiness. In addition, I hope to find the love of my life and form a beautiful family with him, who will he be? I have no idea yet, but I have enough time to find him, I’m still young.

4. Inspire. This goal of mine is the most important part of why I’m considering studying communications. Because I want to inspire change in the world, and it has several aspects in which it has to change. So, one way or another, I want to inspire people; inspire them to pay more attention to spiritual things rather than material things, to pursue what they desire, to ignore the repressions of society, and other important topics.

I really hope I accomplish all of my goals, but I cannot do that by just hoping, I have to act. For today, for tomorrow, and for the rest of my life, because my time in this world is limited. If I want to make my life line an inspirational one, I have to make it memorable by following my dreams. As Walt Disney said “If you can dream it, you can do it”.


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