Children and Adults (through Holden’s eyes)

In the Catcher and the Rye, Holden never describes children in general, nor adults in general. But he does describe two children, his brother Allie and his sister Phoebe. The way he describes them both makes you think that he really likes children. Maybe he likes them because of their innocence and sweetness, and also how they can be so wise and smart at a young age. But, even though he doesn’t actually say it, I think he likes children because, they don’t know hypocrisy, they are simply very honest and speak their minds without holding anything back. And when it comes to adults, he describes his mother and his brother D.B. like if they are very annoying. He says his mom can make an enormous fuzz out of the smallest things, and he calls his brother a prostitute because he is writing stuff he doesn’t like just because he gets paid well. By those descriptions you can infer that he loves children and that in comparison to adults they seem like the sweetest, smartest, and the most honest people in the world, and that’s why he likes them so much.


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