Beloved Music

Music has moved us all at one point or another. It is just such an effective medicine, a great party partner, the best lullaby, it can match any mood you have. For me music is very important, it’s simply always there for me;  when I’m sad I play gloomy melodies that make my mood drop lower, but that’s exactly what I need to really want to pick it up. When I’m happy, music is the best way to irradiate that joy and really sing very loud, without caring about anything else.  Since I am human,  anger strikes at times, and when that happens I rather take it out on my pillow, at the aggressive beat of hard rock, than taking it out by making my little brother feel bad, who is usually the reason of my anger. In this case music is so needed because if I yell at my brother, the regret I feel afterwards is too much. After listening to Joan Jett or Metallica for a while, I switch to John Mayer or someone with soothing songs that will make me go back to me. What I’m saying is that there is music for everyone, anywhere, any mood, any time; there’s simply music for anything.

Music is also like a source of flashbacks. Sometimes when you listen to a certain song, it automatically sends you to some time in the past. There are a couple of songs that remind me of my dad, like Chicago songs, since it is his favorite band. Others like Dirty Pop, by N’sync, take me back to silly, childish, but fun, times with my brothers. There are a couple of songs that remind me of winter, others of summer, and how to forget those cheesy christmas songs. Others songs are almost like the hymn of great movies, like Wouldn’t It Be Nice, by Beach Boys, which is from my favorite movie, 50 First Dates. Some songs, basically Queen’s, Chicago’s, or Red Hot Chili Peppers’ are the rhythms of the road trips my family and I take to Atitlán (beautiful site of my Guatemala). The memory just flashes in front of me and I see my cousins and aunts singing along with me to those great songs.

I’m sure every person shares some of the love and the meaning of music I own. It’s just so compatible to our senses and soul. Lyrics and rhythm can be a great match or an intricate juxtaposition, either way they are perfect together and passion makes them sound better.


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