The Roaring Fashion

There were many geniuses creating new styles for women during the 1920’s. One of those “fashionistas” was Coco Chanel, she helped popularize the bob hairstyle, the classic, and little, black dress, and the use of jersey knit for women’s clothing by elevating the status of both costume jewelry and knitwear. Jeanne Lanvin was another innovative mind; she introduced a skillful use of complex trimmings, dazzling embroideries, and beaded decorations in light, clear, floral colors that became a Lanvin trademark. And last but not least is Jean Patou. He was more popular in the US than in France, he gained fame by an elegant simplicity, clean lines, geometric and Cubist motifs, and a mix luxury and practicality. This style that he created was very elegant, but also casual, which is why American women loved it so much.

Fashion during the Roaring Twenties was quite revolutionary. It got rid of the corsets and long, proper dresses for women and acquired more casual outfits. They still had an elegant figure, but they also had elegant designs, vibrant colors, simplicity, and shorter-length dresses that had never been worn by women before. The shoes and stockings became very fashionable and a real accessory because now they were visible because of the short dresses. The clothing during this decade was very stylish; women wore accessories to enhance their outfits. They wore hats, shoes, stockings, handbags, and jewelry to give an elegant and casual vibe to their look. Another important element on women’s fashion during the 1920’s was the haircut called bob. It was very “in” and almost every woman had that haircut, from celebrities to the girl next door.

The clothing in the United States, in this revolutionary decade, was very joyful and youthful. It speaks the mind of the post-war nation’s mentality. In my opinion wearing those outfits was a way of expressing the happiness because of the end of the war, even if they still mourned that event, they were ecstatic about its ending. That’s why women wore such beautiful colors, and extravagant accessories. Fashion expressed the social status of people, too. Everyone wanted to wear expensive-looking, glamorous clothes to get the first-class look. Also I believe that the transformation of what women “were allowed to wear” is a reflection of how women gained more opportunities and more power. It combines with the act of peering into men’s territory, by occupying work fields that were only for them, by getting out of the kitchen and onto the office, by showing that we are capable of doing what men can and that we can do it with high-heels.

These are some typical, casual outfits of the 1920's women.

These are some typical, casual outfits of the 1920's women.

The hairstyle of the decade.

The hairstyle of the decade.

A roaring beauty look for the Roaring Twenties.

A roaring beauty look for the Roaring Twenties.


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