“See You Later”

I’ll take time back to when it hurt;
Back to when I wore a black shirt.

That Sunday night
He was sleeping on a room full of light,
All gathered around him -Mom tenderly holding his hand.
But suddenly, time took a break,
And my brother a stand;
He told grandma something that would make her soul shake.

She rushed inside the room,
The same night that the cats, outside, searched for the moon.
It seemed not to be there, neither did he;
But in our hearts he was then, and forever will be.

Slowly, truly slowly,
They all came in
To see how life ended peacefully,
And mourn started to win.

Late at night, or early at dawn,
I kissed his cheek for the last time;
My sweet grandpa was in a casket, but that was just fine.
Time in Heaven began, time in Earth was done.

And our spirits were broken,
Because the news could not be softened.
“Farewell” we thought of saying,
But “see you later” we ended up wailing.

In our house, in his pace, he used to stroll through halls;
Now, he flies with pure souls.
My grandma: now alone,
Her heart: a temporary stone.
His presence is always missed;
But today, his void has been eased.


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