I Am Grateful

No matter how poor you are, how much you’ve lost, how lonely you feel, or how many things are you missing, there is always at least one thing you can be grateful for. I am one of those lucky bastards that has everything I need, perhaps not everything I want but, without a doubt, I have all my needs covered. Which is why I am grateful for all the things God has given me.

For starters, I am grateful for having God by my side each and every time. He gives my deep and unconditional love, and that is something very few people can give. The very fact of being alive makes me feel grateful; since I am alive, I have the opportunity to make my own path. Just being alive, gives me the power to follow what my heart and soul wants. It also gives me the ability to influence on other people’s lives. Also, I am extremely grateful for my family. A family is the individual’s shelter among a world of unknown people. A family is the group of people that know you almost as much as you know yourself, and still love you, feeling which is mutual. And my shelter is the best one there is for me, it was like costum made. When I’m with them I feel happy and safe, I am myself, in other words, I am home. In addition, I also appreciate my friends. I can always count on their support and their attention when I need someone to listen to me. With them I have the best of times and I create memories that will live with me forever. I am thankful for all the material things I have: food, clothes, a house, vehicles, education, and so many other things that make my life so much easier.

And finally, I am grateful for my talents and passions. I am thankful that what I love to do –writing and drawing- is what I am good at. Maybe I’m not great, but I am good enough to be able to express my feelings and thoughts through art.


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