The Best Journey

Have you ever had a trip that you will never forget? A trip in which you did things that you never thought you would? Well, I have and it was the best journey I’ve ever experienced. I was about eleven years old the day we woke up early in the morning, with midst on our windows, grabbed our bags and climbed into our light-blue mini van. With the maps in my mom’s hand and my dad on the steering wheel, we’d go from home, Guatemala, to Denver in 3 or 4 days; stopping in the hotels at nights and hitting the road again in the morning. We could already imagine the big adventure we were enrolling into, which made my brothers and I so excited. When we were on the car waiting to get to our respective hotel, we entertained ourselves in several ways. We drew superheros and would give each of them specific powers and characteristics, we would build a “club house” with sheets in the back row of the mini van, we would sleep, talk, play board games; we were never bored. After all we were kids, so everything seemed to amuse us.

There was one day when we were headed to a hotel in Ratón, New Mexico, our car stopped, there was something wrong with it, so we could not keep going. Therefore, we got out of the car hoping someone would help us. A car passed and we waved… no response from the driver. The next car passed by and we waved harder, the hippie ish man who was in the driver’s seat slowed down and, with a friendly smile, waved back at us. Acting like he knew us and probably thinking we were just saying hi to him because, after greeting us, he moved on, and we were alone on that road once again. Finally an elderly couple with a dog on the back seat stopped in front of us and asked if we needed any help, which we did. They called a crane for us, and after thanking, them they hit the road. The crane came and we stayed at the coolest hotel of the whole trip. In which we swam in the indoor pool, drank all type of Pepsi’s (Pepsi Cherry, Pepsi Twist, Pepsi Blue, etc.), ate at the restaurant, and felt the snow for the first time.

When our car was ready to keep going, we continued our quest and got to my uncle’s house in Denver, CO. We went to my cousin’s school for a couple of weeks, we slid on the snow of their back yard, we went to the mountain to ski, we simply had so much fun. I don’t remember the trip back home so well because it wasn’t as exciting as the one getting to Denver. The only thing I remember is that the last day of driving, it was very late at night an my mom suggested that we stayed in a hotel of Mexico, but my dad was so desperate to get home that we continued driving until we got to our house, in Guatemala, at dawn.

This was the best journey ever. My brothers and I totally disconnected from the TV and from the oh-so-needed Gameboys of the time, which is why we had fun with anything and everything during the trip. We gained so many memories and fun anecdotes to store in our minds for the rest of our lives. I guess fun, family trips are always memorable and special.


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