My Passion

There are many things in life that move me, but only certain things have the importance for me to call them passion. And anything that I’m passionate about, I do it from the heart. I have two passions: drawing and writing. I’ve drawn almost all my life; I started as a little girl and took a couple of classes. Two years ago I stopped drawing because I found something different, another passion, which made it easier for me to express myself, writing. At that time I let it overshine my drawing talent, but I recently realized that I don’t have to quit drawing to be able to write. They’re two different passions, each one with their own characteristics and charms. I redeemed my drawing habit again, and found a way to place a meaning behind it, which made it more appealing for me than before.

I started writing poetry when I stopped drawing. I love writing because it’s a way of expreasion so pleasant to create and to read. It is easier for me to put my feelings into a sheet of paper than expressing them out loud. I feel passionate about writing poetry because I just let my feelings flow, and let my mind work. It is with heart and mind that I create a piece that rhymes, has coherence, and the essence of my feelings in it. I just write about things that touch my heart, for good or for bad. Other than poetry I also like writing essays, I can ramble more on the topic and not care about it rhyming or not. Still, I wouldn’t trade poetry for essays because a poem requires power and being able to open your heart to create art. And that is the common denominator of both of my passions.



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