For Dad

Being the only daughter out of other three brothers makes me daddy’s girl, and there’s no questioning on that. Even if I wanted to, because my brothers are in charge of letting me know that I’m the one who Dad spoils; though that’s not true, by the way. But being daddy’s girl also gives me the “pleasant responsibility” of making him feel special on Father’s Day. Obviously, this also depends on my brothers but no one is as well suited as I am to do this task for the simple reason that, according to my brothers, if it comes from me it’s 10 times better than if it comes from them. In addition, probably I’m the one who expresses love in a more natural and constant way, even if it’s written. So this is my essay for Dad.

My dad has always been there for me; from the day I was born to this day. Which means we have spent 17 years in companion of each other. Therefore it is only logic that, during such time, we gather a bunch of memories. Since this day is to honor the greatness of a father I want to share some good times that are vivid in my memory. Probably no one else remembers them, but I believe there’s a reason why I do.

Throughout my life I’ve listened to the melodies that my Dad’s radio produces, paying close attention to him singing along the lyrics. The first song that I remember hearing him sing in that old, white pick-up truck was probably not the best song ever, but since he liked it, so did I. I recall his low voice harmonizing: “Es el toro enamorado de la luna…”, and in my head it sounds exactly like the radio. My mind can take me to the past where I’m sitting in the co-driver’s seat, absorbing the rhythm of that Latin song, and looking at my dad, with my dark, curious eyes, enjoy his song. That hasn’t changed as much through the years; I still get a taste of Dad’s music when I’m in the car. That’s the reason why I love bands like Chicago, Boston, Bon Jovi, and other music from the 60’s to the 80’s.

I also remember all the fun times we have had in Atitlán, in the beach, that time in Disney, visiting Grandma and my aunt Rita in Texas, sledding in the white snow of Denver while visiting my uncle Alvaro, and other trips. Likewise, I recall that as a little girl, people would complement my curls and ask me what I did to make the look like that, and I always replied “Well my dad combs it and uses a curly hair product, but I don’t know”. Another memory was one dinner, my family and I were talking about Finding Nemo and we were laughing about the scene of Nemo’s initiation in the tank, where they were singing “Ha-ho-wa-hee-ha-ho-ho-ho, ha-ho-wa-hee-ha-ho-ho-ho…”, and they started to reply “Shark-bait hoo-ha-ha!”, and my dad confused his words and said “Shrimp-bait” which for some strange reason made my brothers and me laugh so hard. Maybe it’s just funnier in Spanish; maybe it wasn’t funny at all, but is one of those fun times with my that doesn’t leave my memory.

I could keep on listing and describing fun memories, but I want to wrap this up expressing how I feel about my dad. Well, I love my Dad; and I thank God for him every night. I also trust my dad, I trust that he will always be there for me, and will always love me. That, even if he lets me make my own decisions, I can count on his support, advice, and love. I appreciate everything he does for me and I hope I can pay him back with what I chose to do with my life, making him feel proud. I do wish I am able to make him feel special on this Father’s Day because he is special.


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