Good Night?

In my family I only have brothers, I am the only girl; that gives me the privilege of having a room of my own. It is right beside the staircase so it’s the first room you encounter when you go upstairs. I love my room during the day, but some nights I really want to switch rooms with my brothers. Or I would like to share the room with someone else so that I don’t feel alone when I’m scared.

I have told my parents about some noises that I sometimes listen to at night. The noises sound like if someone were turning the lights on; it’s the click of the light switch. But the weird thing is that it’s only the noise, the light doesn’t turn on, neither does it turns off. At first I ignored it, I thought maybe some of my family members had gone downstairs to get a glass of water. But when it started to happen too often I got out of bed to check if there was someone downstairs. Suddenly goosebumps reined my body – the lights had not changed, everything was as dark as the night – I just closed the door and ran back to bed.  I tried to calm down convincing myself that it might just be some kind of wrong connection with the light cables. That seemed to help because my body eased itself down and my mind cleared up, I finally fell asleep.

That morning, I told my parents and grandma about the clicks; they told me it was the fridge that makes some noises that you can only hear at night, while everyone’s quiet. But that wasn’t the explanation I was searching because I knew it wasn’t true. I figured that because I didn’t hear the clicks downstairs, I heard them in the hallway that goes from my room to my grandma’s. But I simply concluded it was normal, and I ignored it. After a couple of weeks I heard the noises again, one in the end of the hallway made my body shake, and my ears to be alert.  But then I heard it in the light switch of my room; whatever was making the the light switch click was closer now. I was so scared I didn’t even know if I should stay where I was, run to my parents’ bedroom, or to my grandma’s. I just stayed there, awake, making the craziest conclusions about what was making the light switch click. I tried hard not to think about it but it seemed impossible. Then I heard loud, steady footsteps on the roof of my room, but maybe my ears were fooling me; why would someone be on my roof. It could be a thief that would suddenly break into the house and make my family and me suffer. But I figured it was my imagination because I get scared really easily and I practically create my fear out of nothing; so I stayed in my room, laying, fearing, and supposedly calming down.

Suddenly, when I was about to be completely calmed down and ready to fall asleep, the big, heavy chair of the studio was moved and that created a loud, screeching noise. A horrible chill ran through my spine and spread all throughout my body. I froze in bed, but if I stayed there I… I just could not stay all alone in my room, but I could not move either. Finally I gathered my courage and managed to stand up as silently as I could. I had to be careful in case there was a stranger in my house. I took five light steps toward my door and opened it subtly. Then I made my way to my grandma’s room and slipped into her bed trying not to wake her up. Surprisingly, two minutes later I felt safe; there is something indescribable about grandmas that makes you feel safe. I know that if something were to happen I would be the one that would have to protect my grandma, not the other way around, but still it’s something in the way a grandma treats you that makes you feel like an innocent little child under the custody of an unbeatable adult.

The next minute, or at least the next minute I spent awake, I was waken up by her to get ready for school. I slept like a baby that night; no stranger entered my house, no monster ate me, and no ghost teased me. But I did hear those things, the footsteps, the chair, the clicks; and I can’t find any acceptable explanation to what created them. I don’t think I ever will, I’ll just take it as one more mystery of this surprising world.


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