My Mom

A mother is probably the most important person in a child’s life. My mother, as any other one, accepted to carry me in her belly for nine months, and all the pain and discomforts that pregnancy implies. She has taken care of me for almost 17 years and has also taken care of my three brothers. She has stood up with every bad mood, every fight, and every mess we have done over the years. And no matter how many times we may have disappointed her, I know she will always love us. As Edgar Allan Poe said once, “…The angels, whispering to one another, Can find, among their burning terms of love, None so devotional as that of “Mother,…”. And just as this poem, you can find many others that deal with the greatness of a mother. And the reason for that is that we have all felt a mother’s love, even if some don’t remember it, everyone has. Because even if you only felt it during those nine months, it is one of the deepest types of love you will ever feel.

God gave each one of us a mother for a reason. He knows that a mother is someone who will always be there for you. Just as Mary accepted Jesus since the moment she was told that He was going to be her son, and she took care of Him and never left Him alone. She is also our mother and sometimes we can feel her actions in the actions of our “other mother”. And so I thank God for the mom he gave me, Eleonora.

She was the fourth child of a family with 5 kids. Her childhood was a bit like mine, because she only had brothers, just like me. I think she was a happy little girl who played not only with dolls but also with little cars. My mom was teased by her brothers often, but she has always loved them and always will. She studied in a catholic school for girls called Monte María. She was dedicated in school and also in several jobs she had during her adolescence. When my mom was 15 years old, she started dating my father, who was one of his brother’s friend. She got her degree in the university of Rafael Landivar. Throughout the years, she has always been a strong woman and has overcome every problem that she faces with.

She married my father and they started their lives together. They had Jose, two years later Gabriel came along, within two years more I was born, and after six years my little brother Santiago was born. She and my father have given the four of us education, love, understanding, scolds, and everything else we need. I have gone through some trouble in my life; and every time I fell, I had my mother by my side to lift me up and help me see the lesson that each problem brought. She always listens to what is on my mind, even if it is something dumb and insignificant.

My mom believes in me; she believes in my potential to do what is right, believes that I won’t get carried away by bad influences, believes that someday I’ll do something great with my talent, and believes in my talent itself. And I believe in her; I believe that she will always be by my side, that she’ll always listen to me before judging me, that she is beautiful inside out, that she loves me deeply, that she’s the best mom God could have given me, and that she deserves the best. Sometimes we fight and I don’t talk to her the way I should, but cannot stand to be angry at her so it’s very likely for us to forgive each other almost immediately. My mom is special and I thank God for her everyday. I love her and I tell her so daily because someday she won’t be here and I am going to miss to say “Te quiero mucho mama”. I’m going to miss her advice and her opinions on my plans. I’m going to miss her hugs, her cooking, even her flaws. In other words I am going to miss everything about her; but then I’ll look into my heart and I’ll find her there, because in my heart she will live forever.


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