If I Were a Slave

In my Language Arts class, I’ve researched several documents on slavery. I have read many stories about slaves from the past and of present days. All those stories have impacted me and moved me; I think trafficking people is just inhumane. In the stories, I have learned that the main tasks that slaves have to do are domestic, agricultural, and even sexual. Some girls that used to be naïve, are forced to lose their chastity and if they refuse, they get beaten up; I consider that as one of the worst abuses for a young girl, it simply changes their lives forever. They have to do what they are told to, they really have no choice. I think that if I were a slave of any type, I would rather die because I believe that living as a slave is not really living, it is just surviving.

Right now, I have many wishes for my present and future, my freedom makes my ambition grow. If I were a slave I would have only one wish, freedom.  I, a free person, think of the past and recall some good and some bad memories, I dream of the future, and I live the present happily. But if I were a slave, I would long for the past, I would hate the present, and I would fear of the future.

Other than losing hope and happiness, I would also lose the liberty of speech, of self-expression. I would not be able to draw and write as an escape, because my master would not like the idea of me criticizing slavery, and also because I wouldn’t have time to do what I like; all I would do is work all day long. If I were a slave I probably would be forced to convert, too. In some of the stories I read, I learned that some masters forced their slaves to convert to their religion, and I think that is horrible. Every single person has the right to practice the religion in which he or she believes in. Converting should be a choice, not an obligation. And I can’t imagine myself practicing a different religion because for me, my religion is the truth; just as it is for everyone else.

I really appreciate the education I recieve; I do not know what I would do without it. Education provides me bigger dreams, like obtaining a degree. If I were a slave I would be more than happy just to be able to read and write. If I were a slave I would miss all my family. It would not matter how bad I would want to meet with them again, I would not be able to see any of my loved ones ever again. If I were a slave I would have a poor alimentation, I would have no time to just chill out, I just would not be free.

People who have everything they need, like me, tend to forget to be grateful for what they have. It’s good to be ambitious and dream of something better, but we must be carefull not to turn ambition to greed. So we, who are free, should enjoy every single second of life. We should also pray for those who don’t have freedom, for those who are just surviving, for those who wish little and get less; because if I were a slave I would appreciate that.


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