One wrong night, or not? Better think twice.

By Monica Cruz and Sofia Beltranena.
One day, Monica and I  received an invitation to a party in a club. We talked with our friends and we were all planning to go. All week we talked about going to Natalie´s house to get ready and all dressed up, and after it we would return to her house to have a sleepover. Finally it was Friday, the day we were waiting for. We spent all day thinking about the dance and we couldn’t wait for the last bell to ring. The day just seemed endless and we had three tests, so when the bell rang it was a relief; we finally were going out of school to Natalie´s house.
When we arrived at Natalie´s place, we ate tons of pizza and drank coke. When it was finally 6:30 we decided to get ready. Our outfits were stylish and we all looked really good. We were expecting just a normal party as always but as time passed we realized it was all wrong. We arrived to the nightclub at 8 pm and we found some friends in there. We talked for a while, until a great song started to play. So we went to the dance floor and swayed with the music.  Then one of the guys, Pedro, came to us and told he was preparing some drinks. Two of our friends went with him and after finished their beverages they went for another one, and another and another; until they were binge drinking. Before they were drunk we tried to tell them to stop drinking too much, but they would not listen to us.
Half an hour later, they were making too much noise and even got into a fight; so they were kicked out of the party by the bouncer. Outside the club other guys gave them more alcohol so that made them even more dizzy and lost more control of themselves. They started to get bored and decided to try to enter the disco one more time, but the guard did not allow  them to go inside.  That wouldn’t stop them because they were in too deep; they wanted to keep on with the party.
The Johnson’s family was a happy family of 5 members. David, the dad, was a really recognized doctor; his wife Madeline had her own bakery and was also member of the church. He was always involved in charity programs and together they had raised three wonderful children. Carl was 18 years old. He had always been a great student and was about to graduate. Due to his good grades, he was already admitted in Harvard. As a graduation gift, his grandparents were going to give him a trip all around Europe. Susan was about to turn 16 and was just crown as miss teen. She was already planning her birthday party that was going to be next month. Little Kimberly was a sweet little girl who was just 2 years old. Her parents loved her deeply and she was their precious treasure. That night, the Johnson’s family decided to go to visit Madeline’s parents that were coming from Europe. They were going to stay for a long time, so they could be there for Susan’s birthday and Carl’s graduation.
Back to our story, the guys went to Daniel’s car  and decided to go to another disco that was taking place near a neighborhood. they got inside the car and put the radio really. While they were driving; they were joking, laughing about everything and pushing each other. One of the guys in the back covered the Daniel’s eyes with his hands because he thought it was really funny and he started spinning the steering wheel randomly.
Suddenly they lost track and went to the other side of the street. They were all laughing about it  until Daniel finally opened his eyes and saw a Volkswagen just in front of his enormous pickup avalanche. After it he just remembers seeing some lights without understanding what they were and then all of a sudden the two cars were crashing into each other. None of them were wearing a seatbelt, Daniel bumped his head with the window and broke it. They all lied there because they just couldn’t move. After five minutes of hurting and bleeding they heard an ambulance approaching.  Daniel opened his eyes and saw many people and a lot of lights, and passed out.
The next day, Daniel woke up and found himself in a hospital room with a bandage around his head and when he tried to remember what had happened, he just couldn’t remember anything. Daniel pressed the button to call the nurse. When the nurse came, she explained the whole scene from last night. He then asked her about his friends and she told him everyone was ok but one them had died. He couldn’t believe what had happened, he thought to himself  “Could this be worse?”.  Then curiously he asked who was in the other car, it turned out that the other car belonged to the Johnson’s family and none of them survived but the little Kimberly. Guilt was all over Daniel, he had killed one of his best friends and a whole family, leaving a little girl orphan. They could have had many dreams and a whole life waiting for them, but he had destroy it. He broke down and cried for hours.
Daniel moved on with his life, but he never left behind the fact he had done such a thing. He would never forgive himself for all the damage he had done.If only he would have listened to us in the first place, the story would have been very different.
(Alternative ending)
In the party, the guys started to take a couple of shots. They started to get a little dizzy, so we told them to stop for their own safety. At first they weren’t so sure of paying attention to us or not, but after a while they thought about it and decided it was better to stop.The rest of the dance, went on with no trouble involved. When it was time to go home, we decided it was better if we took them to their home. After all it turned out to be a great night with a lot memories to never forget.
As for the Johnson’s family, they got to the hotel safely. They had a great dinner talking all night about all their dreams to accomplish this year. It would be really good if every disastrous night ended up like this alternative ending.


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