Wonder Mountain

Dear Brothers:


Hi! How are you guys doing? I hope everything’s good. If you’re wondering how am I doing; well, it couldn’t be better. I went to Atitlán with my friends for a weekend and I know you’re all wondering why am I still here. I’m sorry it’s taking too long but we discovered something amazing. I know you won’t believe me, but please try to because it’s true. When I come back I’ll show you pictures and everything, for you to feel like you guys were also there.


So my friends and I started climbing this big mountain, which by the way took us forever to get to the top. When we reached the top, we camped in there and made a bonfire and ate tons of smores, it was so much fun. The next day we had to go back to our hotel so we packed our tents, food, and clothes and started walking downhill. Everyone was looking terrible because we stayed up late last night, and we were all still “asleep”. Suddenly, Sofía tripped with a rock and started rolling down, she crashed with us so we all fell too. We were like a big ball of clumsiness rolling down the huge mountain. Thank God there was no one there to make fun of us. Before we knew it, we were falling in a huge hole we hadn’t seen before. I was extremely scared; I really thought I was going to die there! All I could think about was that we were going to land on a hard surface and our lives were going to end. I thought I was never going to see you or our parents ever again, and you would never know what happened to us. But what happened was absolutely not what I expected.


When we finally were getting to the bottom, we saw that the floor looked very soft and colorful, all we could see was pastel colors. A few seconds later we fell on something that felt like cotton. And guess what, turns out it actually was candy cotton, tons of it. When we finally got our breath back we were all like “What the hell is this?”. I started looking around and again, I could only see pastel colors. There were trees with candy canes instead of trunks, and instead of leaves they had more candy cotton. There were trees of all kinds: caramel apple trees, candy trees, muffin trees, chocolate cookie trees, and many others. I think neither of us could believe what we were seeing, especially Natalie, who asked “So, is this heaven?” and we all laughed. We stood up and started walking to get to know the place, and why not get a taste! Everything, from the sugar ground to the lollipop roses, was so delicious! We started walking and found out it was huge! It was like another world inside a mountain. It was starting to get dark, don’t even ask me how could it be bright inside the mountain because I have no idea, so we put our tents in a chocolate cave we found. We had dinner and by dinner I mean cookies, chocolate milk from the river, cupcakes, and tons of candy cotton.


The next morning I woke up first; I know that’s so weird! When I got out of the tent, I realized the chocolate cave was melting, so I woke everybody else up and we got out of there. That’s so funny isn’t it?


We’ve been looking at the place for days now, and there is not a single living thing in here. We also have been moving every day because the places we find are always either melted, eaten, or too sticky, isn’t that crazy? At the beginning it seemed like paradise, but I have to admit that it is getting old. And even though I love all the candy, and chocolate, and cookies, and all of the sweets you find in here, which might as well be the place that has the most sweets in the entire universe, I’ve been wanting to eat something salty. I don’t care if it’s broccoli or something like that, I just can’t take another caramel apple, well I could but after I eat a real meal.


I really want to get out of here and come back just once in a while but I can’t find the way out! I’m going to keep looking and when I get out I’ll send you this letter. Wait a minute, Samantha is coming back from her daily walk and she says she has something important to tell us. Ok now she won’t tell us, she says we need to go see it for ourselves. I’ll keep on writing later.


I’m back! You will never guess what Samantha found! No it’s not a new type of tree, it’s not another chocolate river, it’s something way sweeter than anything I have tasted in this place, and guess what it’s not eatable. It was an exit! Yes Samantha saw a light and started walking toward it, then she couldn’t wait and started running! She got out and saw the real world, no more pastel colors, it was Atitlán! So she came back and told us to go see what it was, just as I told you before. We all went outside and came back to pack our bags as quickly as we could, which was not easy by the way, sweets can give you a lot of energy but it runs out quite fast. So we packed our bags and got the hell out of that sweet, yet awful place! Well now I’ll send the letter and I’ll see you in two days! We just want to enjoy a couple of days more by the lake, which has real water instead of chocolate milk.




One thought on “Wonder Mountain

  1. Anayansi says:

    I love the “a big ball of clumsiness rolling down the huge mountain” phrase,very descriptive.

    It’s a cute story. I could actually feel my mouth become “over sweetended”by so much candy!

    Even though for informal letters is ok to be colloquial, try not to write the way you would speak. Writing involves a different level of usage than speaking.

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