If only we were blind.

I found myself wishing for human beings to be blind; I pictured us with black holes replacing our eyes. If that was our reality, I thought, maybe we could appreciate real beauty. But I immediately realized we are blind; and beauty is perceived with our eyes just as much as it is with our souls, minds and every fiber of our body.

If only we were not blind.

Uncomfortable Coziness

Obsessed: pain with me. Why did I have to go and befriend that bitch at such a young age. Now I’ve learned I’m her eternal crush. She claims she’s loved me forever, and promises she always will. She lets me breath for some time -we take breaks- for she knows I can’t stand her. But I find myself missing the comfort of a good night-time weep and longing for the sensation of its coldness melting with the warmth of my bed covers and not caring at all how wet my sheets have gotten. Uncomfortable coziness can be so addictive.

(…) eres arcilla moldeada por un alumno con muy poco interés en la alfarería, y aun así resultaste siendo una obra maestra. (…)

Don’t you understand, I want you here


I hate myself, at times,
I even wonder,
Some nights,
If a human being can be coreless;
For I’ve tried to find my center,
But I,

I seem to be thin of flesh
And seem to have no joints
Bones all free,



I met you during the last months of the year. It was the perfect timing for me to know not if my shivering was a result of the cold weather or rather a reaction to the wonder of having you close to me, to the rush that your kisses brought upon me, and to the excitement of holding your body against mine.

El Contraste en Navidad

Subliminalmente, me han enseñado a ser ciega ante lo opaco y triste para captar únicamente lo brillante y emocionante. Y sí veo lo brillante pero me desvié, lo veo con otro enfoque: Veo los deslumbrantes ojos enlagrimados de una niña con pintura facial de payaso, cerca de un semáforo y rodeada de oscuridad durante una época en la que los impecables rostros de otros niños son ambientados con luces navideñas.


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